Rock Solid 3 on 3 Tournament

Rodney planned to attend Indiana University to study law. He wanted to become a lawyer so he could aid those less fortunate. It was his desire to give back.

Unfortunately, Rodney’s goal to attend college will never be realized. In tribute to his legacy, the Rodney O. Thompson, II Scholarship has been established to help other young people fulfill their goal of attending college after high school. In an effort to help others live life to its fullest potential, this scholarship has been established to help offset a portion of college expenses by way of a monetary award.

In an effort to encourage others to take a STANDD – Stop Texting AND Driving Distracted as well as to celebrate Rodney’s life through basketball, the Annual Rock Solid 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament takes place on the fourth Saturday in June, which coincides with Rodney’s birthday, which was June 26. This tournament will also benefit the Rodney Orlando Thompson, II Scholarship.



The first Rock Solid 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was held on June 26, 2009 at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This would have been Rodney’s 19th birthday as well as his final year at Homestead. It was natural to have the tournament at the school with all of his family, friends, and classmates. There was also a birthday celebration following the tournament since this was the first birthday that would have to be celebrated without Rodney actually being alive to be a part of it. The tournament and the celebration were both a time for healing for all that loved Rodney and who now missed him greatly. It was also the beginning of the Rodney O. Thompson, II Scholarship – which for the first year, we wanted to give to a Homestead student. Two scholarships were given – one to Victoria Miles for $250.00 and the second was to Derek Kinzer for $1,000.00. Each student had to write an essay about the dangers of texting and driving and how Rodney’s accident had affected their life.



For the second Annual Rock Solid 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, we partnered with the Jorgensen YMCA. This was a great partnership since Rodney spent many afternoons, evenings and Saturdays playing basketball at the Y. The tournament was held on Saturday, June 26, 2010. We had many repeat players from the first year, as well as some new players. Everyone in attendance had a great time. This year, we were able to give away two scholarships in Rodney Thompson’s honor. The scholarships were open to all area high school students who met the criteria. Daryl Flowers received a $750.00 scholarship and Sarah Kusisto received a $1000.00 scholarship.



For the 3rd annual 3 on 3 tournament we, again, partnered with the Jorgensen YMCA. The tournament was held on June 25, 2011. This year would have been Rodney’s 21st birthday so we wanted to truly celebrate. We were very thankful for the repeat players as well as the new players that came from as far as Manchester, IN. We were able to give three scholarships totaling $5000.00. Taylor Firestine received a $1000.00 scholarship, Nicole Ivanovic received a $1500.00 scholarship, and Morgan Carroll received a $2500.00 scholarship.



The 4th annual 3 on 3 tournament was moved to the Renaissance Pointe YMCA and was held June 23, 2012. Rodney spent a lot of time at the Old Fort YMCA which is now the Renaissance Pointe YMCA. We welcomed some return players but also had a lot of new players. There was also the new splash pad that allowed the younger kids to play outside. We were able to award three scholarships totaling $5,000.00. Andrew Clark received a $1000.00 scholarship, Destini Stephens received a $1500.00 scholarship, and Jasmine Hogue received a $2500.00 scholarship.

All scholarship recipients are encouraged to take the message to STANDD to their perspective colleges or universities and to maintain contact with the Rock Solid 626 Scholarship Committee with updates on their endeavors. Many have shared the message and have had Diveeta Thompson come speak at their facility.

For information about the Rodney O. Thompson, II Memorial Scholarship fund, contact us at

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